Facebook Launches Competitor Clubhouse, Live Audio Rooms

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Facebook officially launched Clubhouse rivals, named Live Audio Rooms. In fact, since the beginning of the year these rumors have appeared. Facebook announced on its official blog that the new feature has been rolled out to iPhone and Android users in the United States (US). Facebook has added a way for Live Audio Rooms hosts and streamers to earn with a special in-app currency, called “Stars”.
You can buy “Stars” with real money and send them to your favorite streamers to support them. You are also promoted to the “front line”. Front row” is a special section that highlights the people who sent the Stars, so the host can identify their supporters. Live Audio Rooms are very important for Facebook or it seems because the social network will promote new features at the top of the News Feed. Furthermore, Live Audio Rooms will be widely featured in Facebook Groups, as reported by the Phonearena page.
Unlike Clubhouse, Facebook took a somewhat cautious approach to this new format. From the start only public figures and verified creators in the US with “reputable” accounts could create rooms. Anyone was free to join and listen, and there was no system any invitation.
As is known, Facebook also added Podcasts. You can listen to episodes of different podcasts while browsing through the mini player.