Inaugurating the Papua Street Carnival, Jokowi Highlights Significant Improvement in Papua’s Products

Inaugurating the Papua Street Carnival, Jokowi Highlights Significant Improvement in Papua's Products (photo: screenshot of YouTube Sekretatriat Presiden)

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) inaugurated the opening of the Papua Street Carnival around the Jayapura Governor’s Office area on Friday morning (7/7/2023). In his speech, he emphasized the potential for young people in Papua to make significant strides in Indonesia’s creative economy industry.

“When it comes to packaging Papua products such as coffee, smoked fish, and other fashion-related items, the leaps in quality are truly evident. The designs are well-packaged with excellent branding,” he stated, as quoted through the Presidential Secretariat’s YouTube channel on Friday (7/7/2023).

Furthermore, the Indonesian President also expressed pride in the work of young individuals affiliated with the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH), an initiative supported by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN). Through the TOP.ID brand, they have consistently pursued innovation and recently launched mobile phone and laptop repair services for the people of Papua.

“This is not happening in western Indonesia, but in eastern Indonesia, namely in Tanah Papua. It represents a leap forward, and we will see what our nation’s youth can accomplish in the creative industry in Papua,” Jokowi concluded.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno acknowledged that since the official establishment of PYCH (Papua Youth Creative Hub) in the last three months, numerous creative economy (ekraf) initiatives have emerged in the “Paradise of the East.”

Moreover, the cadre of the United Development Party (PPP) firmly believes that the Papua Street Carnival and the past three months of ekraf activities have generated a total revenue of IDR 2.6 billion.

“In order for Papua to have an event on par with the Jember Carnival, our designers have prepared this event. Since the inauguration of PYCH, many creative events have taken place, including the Papua Coffee Expo, which attracted 6,000 visitors over four days of the Expo and launching, resulting in a total revenue of over IDR 2.6 billion,” he added.

Sandi also reported that since its establishment, PYCH has produced a variety of products, including the assembly of 215 mobile phones, the assembly of laptops under the Torang Papua Indonesia (TOP.ID) brand with demand for over 100 units, and digital printing services that have fulfilled 1,000 orders in just four days.

As a side note, on the third day of the State visit to the island of Papua, on Friday (7/7/2023), after inaugurating the Papua Street Carnival held at the Jayapura Governor’s Office area, the President visited the Pharaa Market in Jayapura Regency to observe the prices of various food commodities and distribute assistance to the traders.