Singapore Has Reported The First Case of New British Corona Variant


The new Corona variant found in the UK has reached Singapore. Singapore confirmed its first case of COVID-19 from the mutation on Wednesday night (23/12/2020).

Quoted from Channel News Asia, a new variant of the Corona virus came from a 17 years old student. He has been studying in the UK since last August.

The teenager returned to Singapore on December 6 and gave a stay-at-home notice at a special facility upon arrival.

“The student had a fever on December 7, and was confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 on December 8,” Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) said.

There are at least a number of people who have had close contact with that student.

“All of his close contacts have been placed in quarantine, and tested negative for COVID-19 infection at the end of their quarantine period,” the local MOH explained.

“Because he was isolated upon arrival in Singapore, we were able to prevent this case so no further transmission could arise from him,” the Singapore health authority said.

A total of 31 cases of imported Coronavirus from Europe, which arrived in Singapore between November 17 and December 17, were confirmed to have been infected with COVID-19 in December.

Among the remaining 30 cases, 12 were not infected with the new type of Corona B117 variant.

“Five samples could not be sequenced because of their low viral load, and we are awaiting confirmation results for the other 11 cases that were initially positive for type B117,” the MOH said.

“To reduce the risk of spreading to Singapore, we are imposing new border restrictions for travelers from the UK for further precautionary measures,” the ministry said.

Under the new measures, Singaporeans returning from there and local residents will be required to undergo a PCR test for COVID-19 upon arrival in Singapore, at the initial 14-day stay-at-home notification.

Singapore reported 21 new COVID-19 cases as of Wednesday, bringing the total cases to 58,482.