Accessible via MRT, Here Are Destinations Worth Trying When Exploring Jakarta!

Accessible via MRT, Here Are Destinations Worth Trying When Exploring Jakarta!
Accessible via MRT, Here Are Destinations Worth Trying When Exploring Jakarta!

Jakarta, the bustling epicenter of urban life and commerce in Indonesia, offers a unique appeal to both locals and visitors. Faced with the challenges of traffic congestion and the dynamic nature of the city, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Jakarta stands out as a modern transportation solution, providing not only efficiency but also unlocking avenues of exploration for its passengers. The MRT transcends being merely a mode of transport; it becomes a facilitator for urban adventures, seamlessly connecting one destination to another.

Taking a break from the daily grind to unwind and rejuvenate is almost a human necessity. While natural tourist spots draw crowds every weekend, there’s a distinct charm in exploring urban landscapes with towering skyscrapers.

The MRT Jakarta is more than just a means of transportation; it serves as a gateway to discovering the city’s beauty. Each MRT station holds its own narrative and uniqueness. From the vibrant nightlife at Blok M station to the opulent shopping experience at Bundaran HI station, passengers can feel the heartbeat of the city directly from within the train.

Drawing insights from various sources, let’s delve into some exciting places in Jakarta, strategically located near MRT stations, that can be added to your travel bucket list.

  1. Sarinah and Skydeck Bundaran HI

Sarinah, Jakarta’s inaugural mall and Indonesia’s first, carries historical significance, having been named after Soekarno’s childhood caregiver. Following its revitalization in 2022, Sarinah has transformed into more than just a shopping destination. Visitors can now indulge in culinary delights, capture Instagram-worthy moments, and enjoy regular music performances.

To reach Sarinah, disembark at Bundaran HI Station and take a leisurely 500-meter stroll. Before heading to Sarinah, consider exploring the Skydeck Bundaran HI, offering a picturesque view of Bundaran HI’s skyline and surrounding skyscrapers.

  1. GBK City Forest

Amidst the urban landscape, green open spaces are a rare find. Jakarta, however, boasts the Gelora Bung Karno City Forest (GBK), spanning approximately 4 hectares, designed as the city’s lung.

This green oasis allows visitors to unwind, with the option to lay out a mini mat and enjoy a picnic. GBK City Forest is open from Tuesday to Sunday during two shifts, from 06:00 to 10:00 AM and 3:00 to 6:00 PM. Accessible by a short 100-meter walk from Istora Mandiri Station, it provides a refreshing escape.

  1. Blok M Area

Blok M has evolved into a vibrant destination in Jakarta, and the Blok M BCA Station enhances accessibility to this dynamic area. Nestled between Taman Ayodya and Martha Tiyahahu parks and Plaza Blok M, Blok M Station incorporates urban park elements into its design, with predominant shades of green, gray, and white.

Blok M BCA MRT Station

Visitors can explore Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park, savor diverse culinary delights in the Instagrammable M Bloc area, shop at Plaza Blok M and Blok M Square, and immerse themselves in the Little Tokyo ambiance.

These recommendations offer a glimpse into the myriad of exciting destinations to explore while riding the MRT! The MRT Jakarta is not just a conduit to reach destinations; it’s an immersive experience, allowing passengers to integrate with city life.

With its array of facilities, MRT Jakarta transforms into more than a transportation system; it becomes the key to unraveling Jakarta’s richness and grandeur firsthand from within the train—a modern adventure amid metropolitan daily life.

Adding to the efficiency of travel, there’s a new payment method in place. Single-trip tickets can now be effortlessly purchased with Mastercard debit or credit cards at all MRT station counters.

The Mastercard debit card extends its utility to top up the MRT multitrip card at all station counters, while the Mastercard credit card facilitates the purchase of digital MRT tickets through the MyMRTJ app. Expanding their collaboration, MRT Jakarta and Mastercard proudly present the Senayan Mastercard Station, marking a seamless fusion of modern convenience and city exploration.