Bontang City to Create Nature-Based Tourism and Transform Golf Courses to Attract Tourists


In an ambitious move to bolster tourism in Bontang, a city located in East Kalimantan, a proposal is underway to develop unique nature-based tourism and transform the existing golf course into a novel tourist destination.

During a consultation forum on the Long-Term Regional Development Plan (RPJPD), Adrofdita, a member of the City Council’s Commission I, emphasized the significance of increasing tourist visits to the city’s tourism sector.

Adrofdita focused on strategic collaboration with private companies to support the tourism sector, particularly in creating unique nature-based tourism.

One of the proposals is to transform the existing golf course into a new tourist destination. According to Adrofdita, the golf course can be optimized by regularly hosting sports events, from local to national levels. This effort is expected to attract the interest of both local and international tourists.

Furthermore, to maximize the potential of natural resources, Adrofdita has conceptualized an integrated and unique mangrove area. The plan is to make the mangrove area a model integrated tourist zone, involving collaboration from all relevant parties. “This effort is expected to not only enhance the tourism appeal but also support environmental conservation,” she stated recently.

Apart from focusing on golf course development and the integrated mangrove area, strengthening the tourism sector on several islands is also a top priority. The tourism areas on Pulau Tihi-Tihi, Selangan, and Gusung will be enhanced to optimize the existing tourism offerings.

“In addition, Bontang City will also collaborate with the province to develop the Wet Rice Tourism destination, with the hope of providing more choices for tourists visiting the city,” he added.

This multifaceted approach to tourism development underscores Bontang’s commitment to unlocking its full potential as a sought-after destination, embracing its natural wealth, sporting fervor, and commitment to sustainable tourism and provide them with unique and memorable experiences.