PUPR Targets September 2023 for Operational Launch of IKN Logistics Dock

Port Facility (Wharf) Mamuju Port, West Sulawesi

Commencing from September 2023, the Ministry of Public Works and People’s Housing (PUPR) is setting its sights on the operational launch of the logistics dock tailored to support the monumental development of the Indonesian Capital City (IKN).

Danis H. Sumadilaga, at the helm of the Implementation Task Force for IKN Infrastructure Development, unveils that the construction progress of this pivotal IKN logistics dock has already surged to an impressive 92 percent completion rate.

“In real terms, the tangible headway in erecting the IKN logistics dock stands at an impressive 92 percent as of now, and our crosshairs are locked onto achieving operational status by the dawn of September 2023,” elucidated Danis.

He was speaking whilst meticulously inspecting the development progress amid the picturesque setting of Teluk Balikpapan in East Kalimantan, on a date etched as Wednesday, August 23, 2023.

Danis proceeds to expound that this strategically positioned dock is poised to play a pivotal role in facilitating the seamless distribution of logistics materials that are quintessential for propelling an array of multifaceted IKN infrastructure projects forward. These encompass the sprawling canvas of the Access Toll Roads for IKN, elegantly encompassing segments 5B, 6A, and 6B.

But there’s more to the narrative; this logistics hub is also designated to emerge as a logistical lifeline for the Very Very Important Person (VVIP) Airport project. In this intricate orchestration of development, the Ministry of Transportation takes the helm of airport construction, while the Ministry of Public Works and People’s Housing (PUPR) is tasked with meticulously preparing the groundwork, quite literally – in the form of the aircraft runway.

Danis elaborates, “The lifeline of logistics supply shall course through this channel, seamlessly expediting the movement of vital resources. Furthermore, this expansive vicinity shall double as a storage repository for construction materials, encompassing a sprawling terrain extending over 10,000 square meters.”

Delving deeper into the intricate workings of this project, it is imperative to note that the logistics dock construction endeavor within the IKN is meticulously shepherded by the Ministry of PUPR under the aegis of the Directorate General of Highways. Within this colossal undertaking, the distinguished entity, PT PP Tbk. (PTPP), assumes the pivotal role of the contracted service provider.

The totality of this remarkable venture unfolds within the confines of a contract valued at an impressive IDR 99.69 billion, charting a course across an implementation timeline spanning 252 days from the pivotal contract inception date, which was etched into history as the 3rd of January, 2023.

Moreover, the arc of maintenance extends for a full 365 calendar days, ensuring the enduring sustainability of this transformative logistical infrastructure.