Netflix Removes Shia LaBeouf from Awards Because of Violence Case

Shia LaBeouf and FKA Twigs

Streaming service Netflix removed Shia LaBeouf from the award they made because of a case of relationship violence. He should have been awarded the prize for his performance in the film Pieces of a Woman.

As reported by People, the name LaBeouf was removed from the ‘For Your Consideration’ website page. The summary and images from the film Pieces of a Woman relating to LaBeouf were also deleted.

Netflix deleted LaBeouf’s name after being sued by his ex-girlfriend, FKA Twigs, for alleged sexual harassment. The lawsuit was filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court on December 10.

On another occasion, FKA Twigs claimed to have suffered physical and mental violence during their relationship with LaBeouf. She found it difficult to get through it because she never thought something like that would happen.

She had her worst night when she didn’t share experiences of violence in relationships that could have helped other people with similar problems. FKA Twigs had another worst night when revealing the violence that she experienced.

People have asked for an official statement from Netflix regarding the removal of the name LaBeouf from the award site. However, Netflix didn’t immediately request People.

‘Pieces of a Woman’ movie tells the story of a couple named Martha (Vanessa Kirby) and Sean (LaBeouf). They are very excited to welcome the birth of their first child.

Unfortunately, the baby Martha was carrying died during the delivery process. This incident made Martha want to sue the nurse who handled it through legal channels.

At the same time, Martha tries to improve her relationship with Sean. The problem becomes even more difficult when he also has to face his dominant mother.

The film is scheduled for release on January 7th. Until now, Kirby is still a candidate for best actress in the Netflix award.