15,739 Flock to Bakauheni Harbour City for New Year’s Extravaganza, Marking a 33% Surge in Return Traffic

Bakauheni Harbour City
Bakauheni Harbour City

Bakauheni Harbour City (BHC), a captivating gem in the tourism landscape of Lampung, unfolds as the largest coastal haven, offering a mosaic of attractions spanning history, nature, recreational wonders, and specialized interest hotspots. The allure of this tourist haven continues to grow, evident in the 15,739 individuals who flocked to Siger Park in South Lampung to ring in the New Year in 2024.

PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero), the torchbearer of this maritime spectacle, shared insights into the festivities. Harry MAC, the astute Director of Development and Planning at ASDP, highlighted that the New Year’s revelry at BHC wasn’t solely confined to passengers and the local community. A substantial crowd, numbering around 3,000, gathered to partake in the pinnacle celebration ushering in the New Year at Siger Park.

The festivities unfolded as a sensory delight, with visitors treated to melodic tunes, a mesmerizing laser show, and a grand finale featuring a spectacular fireworks display. Amidst the entertainment extravaganza, the 24 Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) in Siger Market Mandiri tantalized visitors with an array of delectable snacks, adding a culinary dimension to the celebration, as shared by Harry on Tuesday (2/1/2024).

The crescendo of the New Year’s bash in 2024 was orchestrated by Coco Entertainment, offering a show-stopping entertainment spectacle. Anticipation and excitement among visitors in the Bakauheni Harbour City vicinity reached a crescendo as data unveiled a substantial influx of 5,417 individuals entering the Siger Park area between 7:30 PM and 11:15 PM.

Harry emphasized the strategic plan for this event to evolve into a recurrent affair, aligned with the overarching goal of Siger Parkā€”to magnetize tourists, serve as a cultural focal point, and safeguard the emblematic Crown of Lampung, embodied in the Siger Tower.

To fortify this commitment, BHC is set to undergo infrastructural enhancements, a strategic move aimed at captivating a broader audience seeking to bask in the distinctive allure of South Lampung’s tourism destination.

On a different note, Harry reported on the zenith of the return traffic during the Christmas and New Year holidays, spanning from Monday (1/1/2024) to Tuesday (2/1/2024), traversing the primary crossing routes of Merak-Bakauheni and Ketapang-Gilimanuk.

“In essence, the traversing of Merak – Bakauheni and Ketapang-Gilimanuk during yesterday’s outbound flow proceeded seamlessly. We hold confidence in the efficiency and safety of the return traffic service,” he conveyed.

Analyzing data from the Merak Post over a 24-hour span (from December 31, 2023, at 08:00 AM to January 1, 2023, at 08:00 AM) or H+6, it revealed a fleet of 34 operational vessels. The total passenger tally reached an impressive 32,197 individuals, signifying a noteworthy 20% surge compared to the parallel period last year, which stood at 26,795 individuals.

Meanwhile, insights from the Bakauheni Post over a 24-hour period (H+6) unveiled a total passenger realization of 28,509 individuals, showcasing a substantial 33% upswing compared to the corresponding period the previous year, recording 21,427 individuals.