Hotels with the Best View of Mount Bromo.


The Tengger mountain area has many beautiful natural tourist destinations, such as Mahameru peak, Teletubbies hill, and also Mount Bromo. It’s impossible, you can explore all these tours in one day. Here are recommendations for hotel stays that have a cool view of Bromo.

Plataran Bromo

Plataran Bromo Hotel.

This is a luxury hotel in the middle of a sea of ​​clouds. It is located at an altitude. This hotel has a concept like the Swiss countryside and European-style villas.

Plataran Bromo also has a common area, private swimming pool, garden, and spa.

Jiwa Jawa Bromo

Jiwa Jawa Bromo Hotel.

The next recommended hotel to stay with a charming view is in Wonotoro Village, Probolinggo. It is about 8 km from Probolinggo.

This hotel is a 4-star hotel that has a direct view of Mount Bromo which is guaranteed to be beautiful.

Visitors can pick strawberries, rent a mountain bike, ride a jeep, and ride a helicopter to get the maximum sensation of seeing the natural scenery.

Pagupon Bromo

Pagupon Bromo Hotel

Pagupon Bromo is a low-budget hotel version of Jiwa Jawa Bromo which is part of the Java Go Group. It offers an architectural design of a place to stay which is different from others.

Located in Wonotoro Village, the hotel has a building design that resembles a GOR making it look more futuristic. Usually, this top part is used as the stage for the annual Jazz Mount Bromo event.

Rooms at this hotel have a view overlooking the Bromo mountains from a distance.

Bromo Terrace

Bromo Terrace Hotel

Bromo Terrace is located in Sapikerep Village, about 30 km from Probolinggo. The hotel is surrounded by green hills that are refreshing to the eyes.

The hotel consists of 16 buildings that look like a residential complex in the middle of the hills.