Child Kidney Failure Case Rediscovered After Considered Completed

Latest Update of Indonesia's Acute Kidney Failure that Attacks Children

Cases of child kidney failure were found again in Indonesia on Monday (6/2), even though previously it had been considered completed at the end of 2022. The findings of this new case came from a report from the DKI Jakarta Health Service.

Atypical Progressive Acute Renal Disorder (GGAPA) previously shocked Indonesia last year after causing a total of 324 children to die.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health dr. M Syahril, Monday (6/2) in Jakarta, said that there was one confirmation of acute kidney failure and one suspected case

One confirmed case of kidney failure came from a 1-year-old child who had a fever on January 25, 2023. He was then given a fever-reducing syrup drug purchased at a pharmacy under the Praxion brand.

On January 28, the patient had a cough, fever, and runny nose, and was unable to urinate (anuria) and was then taken to the Pasar Rebo Health Center, Jakarta, for examination, and on January 31, received a referral to Adhyaksa Hospital.

The patient showed symptoms of kidney failure, and because of that, it was planned to be referred to RSCM. On February 1, the patient’s parents brought the patient to the National Police Hospital and received treatment in the emergency room, and the patient started urinating.

On the same day, the patient was then referred to the RSCM for intensive care as well as fomepizole therapy, but 3 hours after being admitted to the RSCM at 23.00 WIB the patient was declared dead.

Furthermore, the other cases are suspected cases. This case is from a 7-year-old child who had a fever on January 26. He then consumed the syrup for febrifuge which he purchased independently.

Initially, on January 30, the patient received fever-reducing tablets from the Puskesmas. Then, on February 1, the patient went to the clinic and was given a concoction of medicine.

The next day the patient was treated at the Kembangan Hospital, then referred, and is currently still undergoing treatment at the Jakarta RSCM. The Ministry of Health is still conducting further examinations regarding this patient.

The two additional cases brought the total cases of pediatric kidney failure in Indonesia’s 27 provinces as of February 5 2023 to 326 acute and one suspected. Of these, 116 cases were declared cured, while six cases are still undergoing treatment at RSCM Jakarta.

BPM Temporarily Stops Drug Distribution

On the other hand, the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) issued an order to temporarily stop the production and distribution of drugs consumed by patients until the investigation is complete.

The pharmaceutical industry holding the drug distribution permit is known to have carried out a voluntary recall of the drug.

Apart from carrying out investigations, BPOM has also conducted inspections of production facilities related to Good Medicine Manufacturing Practices (GMP).