Indonesia’s Marine Tourism is Expected to Thrive Further After Hosting the AIS Forum 2023

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Indonesia is poised to take on the prestigious role of hosting the Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum 2023 High-Level Conference. This momentous occasion signifies Indonesia’s commitment as a pioneer in tackling global issues related to maritime affairs.

The significance of this endeavor was underscored by Mohamad Abdi Suhufan, an astute observer and the Coordinator of Destructive Fishing Watch (DFW).

Within the diverse expanse of Indonesia, DKI Jakarta emerges as a beacon of potential, poised to evolve into a pivotal support system for coastal communities through the enchanting realm of marine tourism.

According to Abdi, this transformation is poised to manifest most prominently in the Thousand Islands region, where the burgeoning trend of marine tourism promises to flourish.

Abdi’s insights are grounded in the wealth of natural resources that Indonesia boasts, especially in its coastal areas. These regions serve as sanctuaries for an impressive array of marine life, including hundreds of fish species, flourishing coral reefs, dense mangrove ecosystems, and the preservation of rare and protected wildlife.

The crux of Abdi’s perspective hinges on the necessity of fostering robust synergy between stakeholders and the coastal communities that are the lifeblood of Indonesia’s marine tourism.

He underscores the pivotal role that both the government and private sector must play in nurturing an environment where coastal communities emerge as central players in the realization of the blue economy. By actively engaging these communities, substantial benefits can be reaped, and potential conflicts can be mitigated.

Beyond economic considerations, Abdi highlights the imperative of enhancing the capacity and environmental awareness of these communities. Sustainability must be at the forefront, with efforts aimed at preserving the delicate marine ecosystems from any form of degradation or pollution.

Simultaneously, there is an acute need to address the infrastructure deficit in these coastal regions. Access to vital amenities such as telecommunications infrastructure, clean and potable water sources, and a reliable supply of electricity is essential to uplift the quality of life in these areas.

As the world eagerly anticipates the AIS Forum 2023 High-Level Conference, scheduled to be held at the prestigious Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC) in Badung, Bali on October 11, 2023, it is noteworthy that 51 island and archipelago nations have confirmed their participation. This underscores the global significance and reach of Indonesia’s commitment to addressing maritime issues.

In summary, Indonesia’s role as the host of the AIS Forum 2023 High-Level Conference signifies not only its leadership in the realm of maritime affairs but also its dedication to harnessing the potential of marine tourism for the benefit of coastal communities. This endeavor embodies a commitment to sustainable development, environmental stewardship, and economic empowerment, all of which converge in Indonesia’s vibrant coastal regions, promising a brighter and more prosperous future for all.