4 Indonesian Endemic Fruits That has Lots of Benefits


Fruit is one of the sources of food that could help us maintain our health. In Indonesia, there are various kinds of endemic fruits that have lots of benefits for the body.

1. Salak

Salak mainly grows in Java and Sumatra. Currently, salak has been widely cultivated in various countries. Such as Malaysia, Australia, and many others. The most famous varieties of this fruit is Salak Pondoh and Salak Bali.

Salak contains a myriad of nutrients that are important for our body. Those are protein, iron, potassium, calcium, beta carotene, carbohydrates, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin C, and various antioxidants. In addition, Salak also contains important elements. Such as phenolic compounds and dietary fiber.

The benefits of salak fruit for health, including: Good for eye health, Helps lose weight, Improves body health, stimulates metabolism, and maintains cardiovascular health

2. Jambu Mawar (Guava Roses)

This fruit is commonly known as “Jambu Kraton”, which is translated to be “Guava Palace”. As the name suggests, this guava has fragrant like roses. The shape is small and the color tends to be bright yellow and fresh. The taste consists of a mixture of sour and sweet.

The benefits of rose guava for health are: increase the immune system, maintain heart health, facilitate the digestive system, and maintain healthy skin, especially acne on the face.

3. Burahol or Kepel

Currently, this fruit is quite difficult to find. Its scientific name is stelechocarpus burahol. Burahol become the identity of the Special Region of Yogyakarta. It tastes like a combination of sapodilla and apple.

The benefits of Burahol are: can be used as a gout drug, relieve kidney inflammation, overcome respiratory problems, and overcome urinary tract problems.

4. Kecapi

The fruit has a slightly flattened round shape with a size of about 5 to 6 cm. The color of the fruit is reddish-yellow. The texture of the outer skin is like velvet fabric (fluffy). The flesh of the fruit is quite thick and a bit hard, and the taste is slightly sour.

This native Indonesian fruit has quite a lot of benefits, including as a reliever for fever and abdominal pain, effective medicine for roundworms, post-natal recovery, minimizing inflammation, and as an anti-cancer drug.

Source: wolipop, Kompas