Beware of Joker Virus, Remove These Dangerous Applications from Your Android!

Joker Virus on Android

With the development of technology, crime in it also develops. Various existing applications do not escape the existence of cybercrimes that are ready to stalk your personal data.

Today there are several android applications that are indicated to have hidden joker viruses. The joker virus is considered very dangerous because it can drain the user’s account.

The way this virus works is to steal money by making users subscribe to paid services without their consent.

The joker virus is again indicated as a result of the Belgian Police investigation and has been detected in eight Play Store applications that Google has hidden.

Not only stealing money, but the joker virus also steals user data such as one-time passwords (OTP), contact lists, device information, and others.

List of Dangerous Applications with Joker Virus

The eight dangerous applications include Auxiliary Message, Element Scanner, Fast Magic SMS, Free CamScanner, Go Messages, Super Message, Super SMS, Travel Wallpapers. 

On the other hand, Zscaler, a cybersecurity company, announced the names of 16 other applications which, according to their analysis, also contain malicious code affiliated with the Joker Virus namely: Private SMS Hummingbird, PDF Converter- Photo to PDF, Style Photo Collage, Talent Photo Editor – Blur, focus, Paper Doc Scanner, All Good PDF Scanner, Care Message, Part Message, Blue Scanner, Direct Messenger, One Sentence Translator – Multifunctional Translator, Mint Leaf Message-Your Private Message, Unique Keyboard – Fancy Fonts & Free Emoticons, Tangram App Lock Desire, Translate Meticulous Scanner.

Therefore, check your cellphone if one of these applications has been installed, then delete it immediately. 

Even though Google has removed the above application from the Playstore, it doesn’t mean you let it stay on your cellphone, right?