This month, the Contactless Toll Entry Trial Will Begin

North Cikampek Toll Gate, West Java (

A contactless payment system or multi-lane free flow (MLFF) will soon be available on several toll roads. The Toll Road Regulatory Agency for the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) plans to start testing the system this month.

Head of BPJT, Danang Parikesit, said that his party plans to start testing the Cantas application which will be used for implementing the contactless payment system on toll roads.

Danang said the proposal was intended so that people could start downloading and registering on the application.

“This December, it is still being submitted to the minister,” said Danang, quoted Monday (5/12/2022).

Previously, BPJT would also make improvements and adjustments to the MLFF payment system gantry that had been installed on Jagorawi Toll Road KM 18+370 towards Ciawi after going through a series of trials.

Danang said that the first MLFF gantry installed on the Jagorawi Toll Road was a means of testing various existing instruments such as cameras, servers, and others.

“After observing and evaluating it, it is necessary to make improvements to the supporting equipment before it is ready to be tested directly on toll road users,” he said.

Reporting to the PUPR Ministry’s BPJT official website on Monday (24/10/2022), an application-based MLFF system that uses GNSS technology or a global navigation satellite system will soon replace card-based non-cash payments used by toll road users today.

Not only being a transaction system, but the GNSS-based MLFF system will also be a platform for the application of intelligent toll road system (ITRS) technology so that it will provide an experience for road users in making toll transactions that are faster, seamless, automatic and non-stop or the transaction time is only 0 seconds, but still safe.

GNSS technology is currently widely applied in Eastern European countries, such as Hungary.

Later, the MLFF technology will begin to be implemented, so that toll road users can make non-cash payments without tapping a card, that is, by simply downloading and registering personal data in an application called Cantas on each toll road user’s device that is connected to the internet.

Then after the tariff calculation is connected to the application, the money from each payment instrument belonging to each user will also be automatically reduced.

In addition, drivers can also use the Electronic Route Ticket device where users can choose entry and exit points according to the one-time travel route.