Tanjung Priok Container Terminal Operations System Is in Disruption, Got Hacked?

Tanjung Priok Container Terminal Operations System

The container operating system in the Tanjung Priok Port area, Jakarta, is in trouble since Thursday (11/17). This disturbance causes traffic congestion in the area.

JICT Corporate Secretary Raditya Arrya explained that disturbances to the operating terminal system were detected on Thursday around 03.00 WIB in the morning.

As a result of the disruption to the operational system, all activities at the JICT terminal that had been carried out digitally experienced problems.

“Our internal team is working on repairs so that the container operating terminal system can function normally again,” he said in his statement, Friday (18/11/2022).

“Simultaneously, an investigation process is being carried out to obtain the cause of the disruption to the operating system at JICT,” he added.

With this disturbance, Raditya said, container loading and unloading services at the JICT terminal at Tanjung Priok Port were carried out manually. The company has also taken some steps regarding the disturbance.

To anticipate the impact of disturbances on operational systems, JICT has communicated and coordinated with stakeholders at Tanjung Priok port and associations that are JICT’s partners.

Raditya claims until now, the traffic situation, both inside and outside the JICT terminal area, is still under control.

“We would like to thank all stakeholders, customers, and JICT partners for their support and for being able to understand the current situation. We also apologize for the inconvenience,” he said.

Furthermore, the Tanjung Priok Port Authority Office (OP) said that the operator of the Jakarta International Container Terminal, or JICT is accelerating the repair of the operating system which has experienced disruptions since yesterday, Thursday (17/11/2022).

The Head of the Tanjung Priok OP, Wisnu Handoko, said that currently, the Terminal Operating System (TOS) at JICT has not run 100 percent normally again. Repairs are still being carried out, and it is hoped that it will return to normal as soon as possible.

For your information, the terminal operating system is suspected of being hacked. Therefore, the OP together with the relevant agencies will conduct an audit and evaluation of the system, as well as carry out SOPs for handling emergencies.