Presidential Order: 14 Trans Sumatra Toll Road Sections Must Be Completed by 2024

Trans Sumatra Toll Road, Sumatra Island.

President Joko Widodo will speed up the completion of the 14 Trans Sumatra toll roads, especially phase I, no later than 2024. Previously, the order is contained in Presidential Regulation No. 131/2022.

The Presidential Regulation contains the Second Amendment to Presidential Regulation No. 100/2014 Concerning the Acceleration of Toll Road Development in Sumatra.

The exploitation of the 14 Trans Sumatra toll roads is carried out through assignments by the Government to Hutama Karya through four stages which include the concession of Phase I toll road sections, the exploitation of Phase II of Toll Road sections, the exploitation of Phase III of Toll Road sections and the exploitation of Phase IV of Toll Road sections.

“The operation of Phase I and part of Phase II Toll Road sections as referred to in paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 letter a will be carried out no later than the end of 2024,” as quoted from the regulation, Sunday (22/1/2023).

Later, Hutama Karya will carry out funding activities, technical planning, construction, operation, and maintenance related to the exploitation of Phase I toll road sections.

Furthermore, funding for the accelerated construction of Phase II Toll Road sections can come from foreign private creditors or domestic loans following statutory provisions.

Meanwhile, five toll road sections can be completed this year. Director of Operations III Hutama Karya Koentjoro said the toll roads in question include the Indralaya-Muara Enim Simpang Toll Road (Indralaya-Prabumulih Intersection Section), Indrapura-Kisaran (Sections 1 and 2), Binjai-Langsa (Binjai-Pangkalan Brandan Section), Sigli-Banda Aceh (Sections 1,5,6) and Pekanbaru-Padang Toll Road (Section Bangkinang-Pangkalan).

“The construction progress of all these segments has been quite significant, namely on average above 50%,” said Koentjoro in an official statement, Monday (23/1/2023).

This toll road is expected to support the acceleration of people’s mobility in the South Sumatra region of Ogan Ilir, Prabumulih, and Muara Enim.

On the other hand, unfortunately, this acceleration cannot cover all segments of the project. One of the sections that cannot be completed in 2024 is the Trans Lampung-Aceh toll road.