Transport Sector Regulations Will Be Simplified


The Ministry of Transportation will simplify the regulations and policies in the national transportation sector. It aims to increase effectiveness and achieve optimal development results.

This was conveyed by the Minister of Transportation (Menhub) Budi Karya Sumadi. He instructed his staff to simplify regulations and policies in the transportation sector.

“To increase the effectiveness and achieve optimal development results, it is necessary to simplify regulations that can ultimately improve the economy,” said Head of the Transportation Policy Agency Gede Pasek Suardika when reading the Minister of Transportation’s speech in Jakarta, Thursday.

The Minister of Transportation said that efforts to improve service facilities and transportation facilities and infrastructure require policies that are right on target.

Therefore, the policy to be implemented should be formulated through a comprehensive and in-depth study.

He said the government, through the Ministry of Transportation, together with local governments and all relevant stakeholders, should be involved in formulating policies to create a better transportation sector.

The Minister of Transportation also emphasized that policies in the transportation sector should be based on knowledge-based and evidence-based studies.

“The goal is for synchronization and integration in a system to work, because currently, transportation is a basic need after food, clothing, or shelter,” he said.

On the same occasion, Head of BKT Gede Pasek conveyed his commitment to orchestrating policies in the transportation sector to be in line with community needs.

“We will continue to explore any transportation issues by prioritizing the principle of serving the community,” he said.

Gede Pasek conveyed that several issues that were being discussed internally, following the mandate of the Minister of Transportation, included: Acceleration of electric vehicles in the land transportation sector, hub and spoke policies in the air transportation sector, pioneering transportation and sea highways in the sea transportation sector, and system development. rail transportation.

“For example, we formulate the hub and spoke in the air so that the airline can still serve the community but at an affordable price,” he said.
He added that the Transportation Policy Agency will always involve all stakeholders, including academics to transportation associations to accommodate aspirations and considerations in providing policy recommendations.

“The most important thing is the output acceleration. We must be able to provide policy recommendations that are speeding up the process, the best output can be felt by the community,” he said.