Kemenhub Gives Permission to Increase Airline Ticket Prices

Soekarno Hatta Airport
Soekarno Hatta Airport

The government, through the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub), gave a signal to airlines to increase surcharges by a maximum of 15% from the upper limit for jet aircraft. Meanwhile, for propeller-type aircraft, a maximum of 25% of the upper limit rate. The existence of this surcharge will automatically increase the price of airline ticket.

This is stipulated in KM 142 of 2022 concerning the Number of Surcharges Due to Fluctuations in Fuel (Fuel Surcharge) Passenger Tariffs for Economy Class Domestic Scheduled Commercial Air Transport which will be effective starting August 4, 2022.

Acting Director General of Civil Aviation Nur Isnin Istiartono said this policy needs to be established so that airlines have guidelines in implementing passenger fares.

“In writing, we have conveyed this appeal to each of the main directors of the national airline, so that it can be applied in the field,” said Nur Isnin in his official statement, Sunday (8/8).

Nur Isnin said the imposition of additional fees is optional or not mandatory for airlines.

Furthermore, Nur Isnin Istiartono said that his party felt the need to issue this provision.

“As a regulator, we need to establish this policy so that airlines have guidelines in implementing passenger fares,” he said, quoted from an official statement, Monday (8/8/2022).

According to him, this additional cost can accommodate the interests of all parties to provide consumer protection and maintain healthy business continuity.

The Ministry of Transportation also appeals to all air transportation business entities or airlines serving domestic scheduled flight routes to apply passenger fares that are more affordable for flight service users.

“Together, let’s contribute and collaborate in the restoration of air transportation. In particular for airlines, to comply with the applicable tariff provisions and maintain the quality of services provided following their respective service groups,” said Nur Isnin.

In the future, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation will evaluate after 3 months of implementing the surcharge by the airline.

The reason is that the affordable passenger fares implementation will maintain connectivity between regions in Indonesia and the continuity of air transportation services.

The affordable fares implementation will encourage people’s mobility to travel via air transportation.

Previously, the provision for aircraft surcharges was regulated in KM 68 of 2022 concerning the Number of Additional Charges (Fuel Surcharge) for Economy Class Passengers for Domestic Scheduled Commercial Air Transport.

The amount of additional fees for jet-type aircraft is a maximum of 10 percent of the upper limit fare. Then for propeller-type aircraft a maximum of 20 percent of the upper limit rate.