Jokowi Said 60 Countries Threaten to Collapse


In his remarks at the PDIP-P National Working Meeting, Wednesday (22/6/2022), Jokowi delivered his statement regarding global conditions. He said that the world is in the recession and slump shadow in various sectors. The collapse signs are very clear.

After starting to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic that has attacked since 2020, the world is now facing another international crisis, namely war. It is known that the war between Russia and Ukraine is still ongoing, and there is no sign of a ceasefire.

This war triggered various international problems, such as politics, energy, and the economy. The, it causes many countries threaten to collapse.

“We are not in a normal position. Once the financial crisis goes into a food crisis, it goes into an energy crisis, it’s terrible,” Jokowi said at the PDI-P National Working Meeting, as quoted on Wednesday (22/6/2022).

Jokowi claimed to have received information from several international institutions such as the IMF, World Bank, and the UN. The agency estimates that 60 countries will collapse due to the crisis.

“60 countries will have their economies collapsed, 42 are confirmed to have gone there. Who will help them when they are 42? Maybe if one, two, three countries are in crisis, they can be helped,” he explained.

“But if it’s 42, and it really can reach 60, we don’t know what we can do. So we need to be on guard, be vigilant, be careful,” he said.

Jokowi then gave an example of many countries that are already struggling due to the crisis. In fact, there are some countries whose conditions are quite alarming because of the crisis caused by war.

“There are countries that do not have foreign exchange reserves and cannot buy fuel. There are no foreign exchange reserves, cannot buy food, and cannot import because all energy is imported. Then they are trapped in very high debt loans because the debt ratio is too high. So once again, I’m horrified when I see the numbers,” he said.

Based on the World Bank report submitted by Jokowi, there are indeed several countries that are predicted to experience a recession. One of them is Russia, which this year is estimated at -8.9%.

The other countries are Ukraine with -45.1%, Kyrgyzstan -with 2%, and Moldova -with 0.4%.

Latin America also experienced an economic downturn compared to last year. Between Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador, Paraguay, and Peru.

Meanwhile, in the Middle East region, Lebanon and Syria experienced contractions, which were -6.5% and -2.6%, respectively. Bad luck is also expected to befall Morocco.

Furthermore, several countries in the South Asian region also experienced the same thing. There is Sri Lanka which is expected to contract 7.8%. Meanwhile, the Maldives and Pakistan experienced an economic slowdown.