6 Indonesian Airports Shine as Cleanest in the World, ACI ASQ 2023 Awards Revealed

Ngurah Rai Airport
Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali

In a recent announcement by the Airport Council International (ACI), the winners of the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) 2023 awards were unveiled, celebrating excellence in airport services globally. Notably, among the categories recognizing outstanding cleanliness, six Indonesian airports emerged victorious.

The ASQ 2023 awards encompass four distinct categories, including recognition for airports with exemplary staff dedication, cleanliness, passenger enjoyment, and seamless travel experiences.

“ASQ stands out as the premier global benchmarking program, gauging passenger satisfaction levels during their airport journeys, offering valuable insights for participating airports,” quoted from the Airport Council International’s official statement released on Wednesday (20/3/2024).

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In the category spotlighting the cleanest airports worldwide, Indonesia secured an impressive representation with six airports clinching top honors. Here’s the roster of Indonesian airports acclaimed for their cleanliness in the ASQ 2023 awards:

  1. Adi Soemarmo International Airport (Surakarta)
  2. Depati Amir Airport (Pangkal Pinang)
  3. I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport (Bali)
  4. Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport (Ujung Pandang)
  5. Supadio Airport (Pontianak)
  6. Yogyakarta International Airport (Yogyakarta)

It’s worth noting that the ACI awards stem from a comprehensive survey of passenger satisfaction across leading airports worldwide, encompassing over 400 participating airports across 109 countries.

The ASQ survey, offered in over 50 languages, relies on passenger feedback to determine award recipients, ensuring a robust evaluation process.

To qualify for the prestigious ACI ASQ awards, airports must actively engage in the primary ASQ survey program, completing a full calendar year of participation in accordance with program guidelines.

“ASQ conducts quarterly quality audits to ensure data accuracy, with airports required to pass all ASQ quality audits to be considered eligible,” emphasized an ACI representative.

Airport members must adhere to ASQ fieldwork guidelines to maintain eligibility, ensuring consistency in data collection methodologies.

“Passengers are encouraged to complete ASQ questionnaires following established fieldwork guidelines. For airports utilizing paper-based ASQ questionnaires, all completed questionnaires must be returned at the end of each quarter,” clarified the ACI representative.

Failure to comply with fieldwork regulations may result in airports being excluded from annual rankings and awards, underlining the importance of adherence to program protocols.