Domestic Bike Prices Drop Drastically


The Indonesian people’s enthusiasm for buying bike is still very high. Bicycle sport is also in vogue and booming. Although the demand for bicycles is still high, the price in the country is even lower, even up to 50 percent.

In the issue of rising commodity prices, the bike price in Indonesia has been observed to fall. One of the bicycle shops, Spin Warrior, has several bicycles on sale, including the Frog MTB 69 Kids Bike – Metallic Gray/Neon Green. The initial price of this bike was Rp. 13 million, but now it has dropped almost 50% to Rp. 7 million.

There is also another bike that is currently dropping in price, namely the Cinelli Vigorelli Road Disc – Electron Blue. The initial price was Rp. 30 million, but now it is Rp. 25 million. Then the Frog 78 Hybrid Kids Bike – Team Sky from Rp. 9.5 million to Rp. 5 million.

The price of bicycles has also fallen on online trading platforms such as Blibli. Some of the bikes that are currently on discount include:

  • Brompton World Champion Edition S6L folding bike 16% discount from IDR 120 million to IDR 99.95 million
  • Brompton Black Lacquer M6L 2020 folding bike 17% discount from IDR 75 million to IDR 62 million.
  • London Taxi folding bike 20% discount from IDR 4,580,000 to IDR 3,664,000
    Then on the official spin warriors website, it also lists a Joseph Kuosac Fitto Minivelo – gray which is priced at a discount from Rp. 15 million to Rp. 12 million.

Brompton bicycles themselves were once a prima donna and became a trend in Indonesia.

The high demand makes the price of this bicycle soar. However, as the demand for this bicycle decreases, the price also decreases. Moreover, the stock on the market has now returned a lot.

Many bicycle shops are currently stocking Brompton, even though in the past most of them had to go through pre-orders. One store that provides complete Brompton is Spin Warriors.

Furthermore, the drop in prices did not only occur on whole bicycles or full bikes but also bicycle spare parts. Some spare parts, such as framesets and brakes, are also dropping in price by up to 50%.

The official distributor of several Spin Warrior bicycles is selling several framesets at prices that have fallen. For example Carrera AR01 Frameset – Cromovelato Gold from IDR 53,000,000 to IDR 28,000,000.

Another Carrera frameset, namely the Carrera SL7 Frameset – Cromovelato Gold, is currently having a 55% discount from IDR 40,000,000 to IDR 18,000,000. Then there is the Ritte Ace Carbon Road Frameset (Rim Brake) – White from Rp. 26 million to Rp. 23 million.

In addition, Rodalink, the official distributor of Polygon, Marin, and Shimano also washed their warehouse for several types of spare parts, such as the Shimano Front Derailleur Ultegra Di2 6870 11 Speed ​​Bike from Rp. 1,975,000 to Rp. 1,500,000.