These Vaccines Are Very Effective as Booster


Indonesia’s vaccination program continues. The government continues to encourage its citizens to get vaccines up to stage 3 or booster vaccines. This will continue to be fought for to create herd immunity in the community so that the situation will return to normal.

Vaccine boosters are now one of the mandatory requirements for the community to be free from some of the government’s strict rules related to Covid-19. Then, what type of vaccine is effective and effective as a booster? Check out the following explanation.

For information, the booster vaccination program in Indonesia has been started on January 12, 2022. The public can get this third dose of vaccine for free.

Several institutions have now published research on which three-dose vaccine is the most effective against omicron. The following research results are quoted from various sources:

Research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States states that three doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are very effective in preventing hospitalization of patients infected with omicron.

Pfizer and Moderna vaccine boosters are 90% effective at preventing someone from being hospitalized after they become infected with the Omicron variant. The booster was also 82% effective at preventing emergency department visits and emergency treatment.

“This research really shows the importance of getting a booster vaccine,” said Emma Accorsi of the CDC, one of the study’s authors.

The second is the AstraZeneca Vaccine. According to a report by the British Health Safety Board, University of Oxford, and Imperial College London, this vaccine also experienced decreased protection in Omicron.

The study used 188,000 people and the results were based on 581 versus 56,439 cases of the Delta variant. Of that number, 20% were not vaccinated and 11% were monitored for test results.

From there 33% of them received two doses of AstraZeneca 15 weeks or more apart. A booster dose is also said to increase protection, with the third dose of AstraZeneca.

Then, the third is the Sinovac Vaccine. The University of Hong Kong laboratory showed samples in people receiving the full Sinovac vaccine failed to produce antibodies to detect Omicron. Booster doses are also said to increase antibodies.

However, according to a study, three doses of Sinovac could not fight Omicron. Reuters reports having to use Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine as a booster to be more effective.

Researchers did not mention the number of antibodies Sinovac or Pfizer produced against Omicron. However, it is not recommended that two doses of Sinovac get a follow-up dose with another type.