Good News! iPhone 15 Plus Could Have a Lower Price

iPhone 14 pro

Apple plans to sell the iPhone 15 Plus variant at a lower price. This was caused by sales of the iPhone 14 Plus which did not meet Apple’s expectations. The public considers the iPhone 14 Plus price too expensive.

For this reason, Apple is rumored to be lowering the price of the iPhone 15 Plus which will launch in 2023, quoted from BGR, Thursday (29/12/2022).

According to reports, Apple is working on a strategy so that the iPhone 15 Plus is more tempting for consumers. It is known that this variant is a replacement for the iPhone Mini model which also did not sell well in the market.

Three issues are used as material for Apple’s evaluation to boost sales of the iPhone 15 next year. First, Apple is said to be making a significant difference between the regular iPhone 15 variants and the iPhone 15 Pro. Currently, the design of the two models appears similar.

There are also rumors that Apple will make the iPhone 15 Ultra with a more sophisticated design, namely a titanium body and a periscope camera. The iPhone 15 series is expected to use USB Type-C for charging.

Second, the price list for the iPhone 15 variants will be more differentiated. Currently, the iPhone 14 Plus and Pro are only slightly different in price. The iPhone 14 Plus is sold for IDR 18 million, while the Pro variant is sold for IDR 20 million.

Hence, many are more interested in buying the regular iPhone 14 with prices starting at IDR 16 million, or at the same time the iPhone 14 Pro.

If the news about the cheaper price of the iPhone 15 Plus is true, then the regular iPhone 15 should also be more affordable. The new iPhone 15 line will launch next year, usually in the third quarter.