Indonesia Becomes Host of FIFA U-17 World Cup, PSSI Prepares 4 Stadiums

Jakarta International Stadium (JIS)

The FIFA U-17 World Cup is poised to unfold in Indonesia this November, as the nation proudly assumes the role of host for this international sporting spectacle. A harmonious accord has been reached between the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) and FIFA, charting a course that involves the utilization of four strategically selected stadiums across Java Island to ensure the seamless orchestration of this grand event.

Erick Thohir, the esteemed Chairperson of the All Indonesia Football Association, shared insights into the meticulous planning behind this endeavor. Highlighting the collaborative decision-making process, he elucidated that four stadiums emerged as the culmination of discussions with FIFA. It is, however, the prerogative of FIFA to officially unveil the names of these four venues that will come alive with the fervor of the U-17 World Cup.

“As we stand just 94 days away from the commencement of the U-17 World Cup, it becomes paramount to optimize resource allocation. Thus, after careful deliberation with FIFA, we have unanimously agreed to concentrate our efforts on these four stadiums,” affirmed Erick Thohir, speaking after the inauguration of Indonesia Arena in Jakarta on a noteworthy Monday (8/7/2023).

Erick also delved into the rationale underpinning the selection of these four stadiums. Sensitivity to logistical intricacies and the accessibility of the players drove this decision, ensuring that travel and participation are seamless experiences.

“Considerations of travel logistics play an integral role in this decision-making process. While an accord has been reached with FIFA, it’s pivotal to acknowledge that the official announcement rests with FIFA itself,” he emphasized.

Although the formal announcement from FIFA is pending, the four stadiums poised to host the FIFA U-17 World Cup are projected to include Jakarta International Stadium (JIS), Si Jalak Harupat Stadium (Bandung), Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium (Surabaya), and Manahan Stadium (Solo).

An antecedent worth highlighting is that Indonesia was chosen as the esteemed host for the 2023 FIFA U-17 World Cup following an impactful decision made during the FIFA Council meeting held at the hallowed FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. As per the present schedule, the anticipated tournament is set to unfold from November 10 to December 2, showcasing the emerging talents of the global football community.

Erick Thohir noted the foundation for Indonesia’s role as the host is built on a series of positive advancements witnessed over the past three months. With a spotlight on the refurbishment of stadium facilities and the captivating FIFA Match Day events, the nation has garnered the attention and favor of FIFA, securing its place on the international stage as a gracious host.