Jokowi Orders Coordinating Ministers to Test Strength in Facing Crisis


President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said that a storm was enveloping the world. Although the IMF has said that the Indonesian economy can survive, he ordered the coordinating ministers to prepare alternative scenarios.

According to him, this unpredictable world situation must be anticipated by preparing other scenarios. Therefore, he also ordered the Coordinating Ministers to strengthen the consolidation of ministries/agencies in their respective spheres.

Starting from the world economic slowdown, the food crisis, the energy crisis, and the financial crisis.

“The ‘storm’ has arrived. So, our preparations must be detailed. We can no longer work routinely, we can’t do it now,” said Jokowi during the Plenary Cabinet Session at the State Palace, broadcast on the Presidential Secretariat Youtube, Wednesday (12/10/2011). 2022).

“Later, I will invite several ministers and I will invite the coordinating minister to talk about the stress test,” said Jokowi.

“How far will our strength go if the storm comes? Whether it is related to currency, exchange rate, inflation, growth, related to our food, our energy, we must test everything properly,” said Jokowi.

That way, he added, Indonesia is ready with various scenarios, if fears of the threat of a global recession, which are likened to a ‘storm’ and conditions of ‘pitch darkness’, really occur.

“Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, up to Plan D, everything must exist, Plan E, everything. Starting from the worst, worst, worst, we have to count everything,” said Jokowi.

“So, once again, the situation is getting worse, and the anticipation of the domestic impact must be really prepared. Prepared properly,” said Jokowi.

In particular, Jokowi also instructed the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture to overcome the impact of economic turmoil on poverty.

“Please look at it in detail, don’t let anyone escape from our social assistance. If there is something lacking, we will close it again as a solution,” said Jokowi.

Furthermore, Jokowi warned his subordinates to remain careful in setting policies. Moreover, with the extremely difficult conditions at the moment.

“The policy of every ministry and institution is careful. Small matters, but now everything is sensitive,” said Jokowi.