WHO: 90% of the World’s People Are Immune to Covid-19


Signs of the end of the Covid-19 pandemic are appearing. This is based on the predictions of the World Health Organization (WHO) which states that 90% of the world’s population already has immunity to Covid-19.

The WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was quoted from The Guardian, Monday (5/11/2022), stated, “WHO predicts that at least 90 percent of the world’s population now has some level of immunity to Sars-CoV-2, either due to previous infection or vaccination against Covid-19. 19.”

According to Tedros, immunity to the Covid-19 virus, which is possessed by almost the entire population in the world, further strengthens WHO’s statement that the end of the Covid-19 pandemic is now in sight.

Nevertheless, Tedros warned the public to continue to be prepared for the emergence of a new variant of Covid-19.

According to him, gaps in surveillance, testing, and vaccination in each country can be the perfect conditions for the emergence of new variants that have the potential to cause a significant increase in mortality.

Meanwhile, WHO reports, as of December 2, 2022, there are at least 640,395,651 positive confirmed cases of Covid-19 worldwide. This figure was then followed by the total number of deaths which reached 6,618,579.

Tedros detailed, the number of cases includes 265,511,765 cases in Europe, 182,350,413 cases in America, and 99,265,824 cases in the Western Pacific.

Then 60,668,071 cases in Southeast Asia, 23,196,037 cases in the Eastern Mediterranean, and 9,402,777 cases in Africa.

Meanwhile from within the country, positive confirmations of Covid-19 added 2,548 cases today, Sunday (4/12). Thus, the total number of Covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic has now reached 6,680,203 cases.

Patients declared cured increased by 5,772 cases, bringing the total to 6,469,238 people. Meanwhile, deaths from Covid-19 increased by 25 people. Thus the total died to 159,978 people.

There were 50,987 active cases of Covid-19 or a decrease of 3,249 cases from yesterday. Meanwhile, there were 2,545 suspected cases of Covid and 39,809 samples examined.

The number of people who received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccination was 203,730,045 people, the second dose was 174,292,461 people, and the third or booster dose was 67,064,567 people.

The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) revealed that 90.63 percent of coronavirus cases (Covid-19) in Indonesia originated from Java-Bali.

Nevertheless, it is claimed that the trend of decreasing Covid-19 cases has begun to be seen in the last week.