Sandiaga Says There will be a Big Tourism Explosion after the Completion of PPKM Level 4

Big Tourism Explosion
Big Tourism Explosion at Bali

Sandiaga Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, projects the tourism sector will increase significantly after the Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) Level 4 ends.

“We predict that after PPKM Level 4, there will be an extraordinary explosion, they (people) want to go on tourism and want to buy creative economy products,” said Sandi, in the Tourism Optimization and Creative Economy Webinar, Saturday (August 7).

Sandi said that revenge tourism would occur after PPKM Level 4. However, Sandi reminded that traveling interest must be accompanied by vaccinations. The vaccination program will also support tourism-related industries recoveries.

Sandi targets vaccination in the tourism sector to reach 40,000 doses per day. To that end, he encourages hotels and tourist attractions to become vaccination centers. This step is taken so that tourism actors aren’t infected with Covid-19 and can excite the tourism sector.

In addition, Sandi also asked creative economy actors to transform their business towards digitalization. Digitalization allows creative economy actors to develop their business without having to meet directly with customers.

Digitization will also prevent creative economy actors from being exposed to new variants of Covid-19, such as the Delta variant. “We encourage the creative economy to digitize so that at least we can keep moving during this pandemic and PPKM,” Sandi concluded.