Denpasar Government to Ban Electric Bikes in Sanur Tourist Area Starting April 2023

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The local government of Denpasar City, Bali, has announced that the use of electric bikes in the Sanur Beach pedestrian area will be banned starting from April 1, 2023, as a measure to ensure the safety and comfort of visitors.

This regulation is stipulated in Denpasar Mayor Regulation (Perwali) No. 51 of 2022 regarding Guidelines for Tourism Management in the Coastal Area of Sanur at the pedestrian area.

According to the Head of the Denpasar City Tourism Office, Dezire Mulyani, electric motorcycles will no longer be allowed to operate in the pedestrian area, which will be reserved for pedestrians and non-motorized bicycles.

Those who use electric bikes will be directed to Danau Tamblingan Street and its surrounding areas, which are still part of the Sanur tourism area.

To ensure the smooth implementation of the new regulation, the local tourism agency and village community leaders are conducting a socialization campaign and providing guidance to electric bike rental business owners in the Sanur Beach pedestrian area.

Bendesa Adat Intaran AA Alit Kencana, a community leader, stressed the importance of the regulation regarding the use of electric bikes in the Sanur Beach area, particularly in terms of safety, comfort, and environmental friendliness for visitors.

Alit Kencana mentioned that many tourists feel disturbed by the noise and speed of electric bikes in the area, which could negatively impact their impression of Sanur as a tourist destination.

Furthermore, there have been cases where electric bike users have fallen and caused accidents in the pedestrian area. As a result, he urged everyone to approach this issue with wisdom and a sense of shared responsibility.

Sanur Beach is a popular tourist destination in Denpasar City, attracting both local and foreign visitors. With the rapid advancement of technology, Sanur has become increasingly well-known as a tourist spot in Denpasar City.

The area, which is located south of Denpasar City, offers a wide range of enjoyable tourist activities. Sanur provides a unique holiday experience for tourists who may be tired of exploring the Legian and Canggu areas.