Creative Economy Actors Will Get Subsidy, What Is It?


Good news for creative economy players. The government through the Ministry of Law and Human Rights plans to subsidize the costs of recording and registering an intellectual property for creative economy actors.

This incentive subsidy is issued as a step by DJKI to help raise awareness among the public in protecting the intellectual property of their creations.

This news was confirmed by the Acting Director-General of Intellectual Property (Plt. Dirjen KI) Razilu, Thursday (14/4/2022).

Razilu said, “DJKI will provide incentives for recording and registering an intellectual property for those who can’t afford it”.

Furthermore, he explained that this incentive will be available at certain moments, such as the commemoration of world intellectual property day, Dharma Karyadhika Day, or the commemoration of Indonesia’s independence day.

He added, “People’s awareness of the importance of owning intellectual property is low. In fact, if the public knows that behind the protection of intellectual property there is an economic value there.”

For this reason, he said, as a step to increase Indonesian public awareness of the importance of intellectual property protection, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights through the DJKI held a Roving Seminar on Intellectual Property in seven regions in Indonesia, with the first area he visited was Medan City, North Sumatra.

Through this Roving Seminar, DJKI hopes to increase the understanding of regional heads to utilize the intellectual property system in accelerating regional economic development.

Furthermore, Razilu conveyed that there were gaps between each region in the recording and registration of intellectual property as indicated by the number of intellectual property applications submitted to the DJKI.

“One of the reasons is the lack of communication between DJKI, especially with regional heads, therefore in 2022 we want to increase awareness even more for governors, mayors, regents as policymakers in their respective regions,” said Razilu.

It is hoped that communication between ministries/agencies, local governments, universities, and stakeholders will synergize with each other in utilizing the intellectual property system to support the recovery and development of the national economy through this Intellectual Property Roving Seminar.