IDR 750,000 per Month, Starlink Will be Present in Indonesia This Year

starlink in indonesia
IDR 750,000 per Month, Starlink Will be Present in Indonesia This Year

SpaceX’ ambitious project, Starlink, is on the verge of making its debut in Indonesia later this year. The brainchild of tech mogul Elon Musk, this initiative promises lightning-fast internet speeds with unlimited data at a monthly rate of Rp750,000, excluding equipment costs.

According to information from Starlink’s official website released on Friday (5/4/2024), the service is touted to cater to a wide array of settings, from residential areas to maritime vessels and even remote locations.

Starlink’s resilience is emphasized, with assurances that its hardware can withstand diverse weather conditions, including snow, ice rain, heavy rainfall, and extreme winds.

The website features an availability map showcasing Starlink’s impending presence in Indonesia starting from 2024.

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Setting up Starlink is purported to be a straightforward process, involving just two steps: connecting the device to power and positioning it skyward, ensuring an unobstructed view.

The subscription options include a Standard package priced at Rp750,000 per month, promising high-speed internet with minimal latency and no data caps.

Comparisons with Starlink’s performance in the United States reveal download speeds of 66.59 Mbps, upload speeds of 7.74 Mbps, and a latency of 62 ms, although these figures may vary slightly in Starlink Indonesia.

Prospective users are required to purchase the Starlink hardware device, priced at Rp7.8 million, before subscribing. Ordering is facilitated through a simple online process requiring the input of one’s address.

Upon completion, the website displays the payment breakdown, encompassing a deposit guarantee, monthly service fee, hardware costs, shipping and handling charges, and a due fee.

In a bid to entice potential customers, Elon Musk’s company offers a 30-day trial period, with a full refund promised for unsatisfied users, as outlined on the official Starlink website.

“If not satisfied, you can get a full refund,” as stated on the official Starlink website.