BMKG Issues Weather Alert for Jakarta: Thunderstorms and Strong Winds Expected

Extreme Weather (ANTARA FOTO/Fanny Octavianus)

Indonesia’s Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has issued an early warning regarding the weather conditions in Jakarta and its surrounding areas, particularly for Friday afternoon and evening (12/5/2023).

Despite the scorching heat that has been felt in the region during the day, BMKG has predicted a drastic change in the weather patterns, with rain and strong winds expected in the afternoon and night.

In a statement, BMKG urged the public to remain cautious of lightning strikes and strong winds in parts of West, Central, and South Jakarta.

According to BMKG’s weather forecast in Jakarta Pusat, it is expected to be cloudy with temperatures ranging from 26 to 31 degrees Celsius and humidity ranging from 80 to 95%.

Meanwhile, in Jakarta Selatan, light rain is expected with temperatures ranging from 25 to 31 degrees Celsius and humidity ranging from 75 to 96%.

The agency has also urged residents in other areas, specifically in Kalimantan Timur province, to remain vigilant due to the presence of 14 hotspots detected by BMKG Station in Balikpapan. The agency has informed the relevant authorities and called for immediate actions to prevent new hotspots from emerging.

In an interview, the coordinator of data and information at BMKG Balikpapan, Diyan Novrida, said that the hotspots were detected from 01:00 to 16:00 WITA and have been reported to the relevant authorities, including the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) at both the provincial and district levels.

The presence of hotspots has been a recurring issue in the province, with six hotspots detected in three districts a few days earlier. BMKG has warned the public to take preventive measures to avoid wildfires, such as not littering cigarette butts and avoiding burning activities that could trigger fires.

Novrida added that although the province is still in the rainy season, there is a chance of no consecutive rainfall for several days in certain areas of Kaltim.

This condition increases the risk of wildfires, and everyone should be cautious and proactive in preventing them. The agency also encouraged the public to cooperate with the authorities and report any potential hotspots to prevent further damage to the environment and human life.

As the climate continues to change, weather patterns have become more unpredictable, causing unprecedented and adverse effects on various aspects of life. It is essential for everyone to stay informed and take necessary precautions to minimize risks and damages caused by natural disasters and human activities.