ESDM Implements Targeted Transformation of 3 kg LPG Subsidies to Ensuring Equitable Access


The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) has recently divulged important information regarding the ongoing registration process for households interested in purchasing subsidized 3-kilogram (kg) Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

However, it is essential to emphasize that this registration process is not meant to impose any restrictions on consumers’ LPG purchases.

According to Maompang Harahap, the Director General of Downstream Oil and Gas Business Development at the Ministry of ESDM, the primary objective of the registration is to identify and record eligible recipients who are entitled to avail themselves of the 3 kg LPG subsidy. It is crucial to clarify that the registration process does not impose any limitations on consumers’ freedom to purchase LPG.

He asserted during a virtual press conference titled ‘Targeted Transformation of 3 Kg LPG Subsidies,’ held on Thursday (3/8/2023), that during the registration phase, there will be no restrictions on the purchase of 3 kg LPG. The public will continue to have the liberty to buy it from official Pertamina distributors by simply presenting their valid ID card or family card. Once registered in the system, subsequent purchases only require the display of the ID card. However, for microbusiness users, a photograph at their place of business will be additionally needed.

To ensure maximum coverage, the registration process for eligible 3 kg LPG recipients has already been carried out in five waves, commencing from March 6, 2023, until July 3, 2023. The registration campaign encompassed 411 districts/cities across several major islands, namely Sumatra, Java, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.

As of July 30, 2023, the number of registered consumers has reached an impressive count of 6.5 million. These registered consumers have actively engaged in transactions through the official website designated for the targeted distribution of LPG.

It is noteworthy that prior to these phases, in 2022, the government initiated a system trial in five specific districts: Cipondoh, Tangerang City; Ciputat, South Tangerang City; Ngaliyan, Semarang City; Batu Ampar, Batam City; and Mataram, Mataram City. This trial period served as a preliminary step to refine the registration process and identify any potential challenges.

Maompang reiterated the commitment of the Ministry of ESDM to diligently monitor the distribution of 3 kg LPG in collaboration with the Indonesian Police and Pertamina to ensure that subsidized LPG reaches its rightful beneficiaries.

To further bolster accountability and deter any malpractices, the authorities will closely scrutinize agents, distributors, or individuals found in violation, such as repackaging subsidized LPG into non-subsidized containers. This stringent approach serves to safeguard the interests of the nation and its citizens while prioritizing public safety.

In light of the registration process, Tutuka Ariadji, the Director General of Oil and Gas at the Ministry of ESDM, highlighted the significance of completing the registration by the deadline of December 31, 2023.

He emphasized that the registration’s primary purpose is to gather comprehensive data on eligible recipients, thereby ensuring that only those who are registered can avail themselves of the subsidized 3 kg LPG. The registration process aligns with data from the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS) and the Acceleration of Extreme Poverty Eradication (P3KE).

As part of the overall effort, it is crucial to understand that targeted distribution of subsidized 3 kg LPG is a multifaceted initiative.

Pertamina, the state-owned energy company, has carried out multiple trial phases since March 2023 to evaluate and fine-tune the distribution process. These comprehensive trials have been instrumental in refining the mechanisms and logistics involved in the targeted distribution.