Hong Kong Bans All Flights from Indonesia


The Hong Kong government has announced that all passenger flights from Indonesia are prohibited from entering Hong Kong. This happened because of the aftermath of a passenger from Indonesia who tested positive for COVID-19.

Previously, the Hong Kong government also announced that Garuda Indonesia was prohibited from bringing passengers to Hong Kong. Garuda is prohibited from operating for two weeks from 22 June to 5 July 2021.

The Hong Kong Health Department made the decision after four Garuda Indonesia passengers on flight GA876 tested positive for the virus last Sunday, 20 June. It was only known after they arrived in Hong Kong from Jakarta.

The Hong Kong government has determined Indonesia’s status to be a category A1 country which is high risk, starting on 25 June. By entering the A1 category, all flight passengers from Indonesia are not allowed to enter Hong Kong.

Hong Kong also banned flights from the Philippines, India, Nepal and Pakistan. These countries have entered the A1 category first. This policy is also temporary and will be reviewed periodically.