Artificial Intelligence Technology Will Be Used to Unravel Traffic Jams

Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement or ETLE

Next year, DKI Jakarta will adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to break down traffic jams in the capital. The DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency ensures that the trial will be implemented at five intersections in the capital city.

“In the initial stage, we will conduct trials. The trial will be on corridors, starting at [intersection] Jalan Imam Bonjol, Diponegoro, Jalan Proklamasi, Jalan Pramuka, and Jalan Pemuda,” said DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency head Syafrin in his statement, Tuesday (13/12/2022).

Syafrin explained that Artificial Intelligence technology in collaboration with Google is used to analyze the volume of vehicles at crossroads. Later the results of Google’s AI analysis will be submitted to the DKI Transportation Agency for rearrangement.

“Still in the stage of preparing the study. The concept will then be assessed, after which it will be applied,” explained Syafrin.

Previously, the head of the Traffic Control System Management Unit for the Transportation Agency, Emanuel Kristanto, revealed this plan. According to him, DKI Pemprov will cooperate with Google Indonesia regarding the use of AI technology to break down traffic jams.

“It’s true [using AI], we are working with Google Indonesia,” Emanuel told reporters, Friday (9/12/2022).

According to Emanuel, later Google Indonesia will use AI technology to optimize traffic lights at intersections. But unfortunately, he did not explain exactly the details of the technology used.

“As for the details, what AI means is that the authority lies with Google,” he said.

Even so, Emanuel said that in general Google would use AI technology to analyze traffic volume at intersections. Later Google recommends the optimal time at each foot of the intersection.