Last Covid-19 Patient Recovered and Discharged from Melbourne Hospital


The state of Victoria, Australia is getting closer to being declared to have fought the Corona virus, after the last patient treated in Melbourne recovered and returned to his home, Monday (23/11).

Premier Victoria, Daniel Andrews explained that the patient, who was the only remaining active case, has been free of the Corona virus after undergoing treatment at Monash Medical Center.

“This day is very important and every citizen of Victoria can be proud of their role in defeating the second wave of the pandemic,” Premier Andrews said, Tuesday (24/11).

The wife of the last patient, who was also hospitalized with the Corona virus, recovered earlier last week.

The Victoria Department of Health stated that the first patient hospitalized due to a COVID-19 infection occurred on February 21 or nine months ago.

The Ministry of Health said that, from 9,960 COVID test results carried out yesterday, not a single case was found.

Thus, Victoria recorded 24 consecutive days without new cases and deaths related to COVID-19.

Even though Victoria is free from COVID-19, Premier Andrews still asks residents not to let their guard down before the vaccine is available.

“It is still far from being over, even though with zero cases today. There are no active cases and people have also followed the right rules,” he said.

Victoria has recorded 20,345 cases of COVID-19 with 819 deaths and on August 11, there were 7,880 active cases.

The state, which Melbourne is the capital city, identified its first positive case on January 24, a person who had arrived from overseas.