Malioboro Officially Becomes No Smoking Area


The Yogyakarta City Government designated Malioboro as a No Smoking Area (KTR), on Thursday (12/11). This determination also coincided with the commemoration of National Health Day 2020.

Deputy Mayor of Yogyakarta, Heroe Poerwadi, said that everyone should not smoke anywhere in the Malioboro area. Only in certain locations that have been determined.

“You can still smoke, but you can’t just smoke. In Malioboro, you have to smoke in certain places that have been provided,” Heroe explained in the Malioboro Yogyakarta area, Thursday (12/11).

Heroe said there would be a trial period and socialization for one month. As well as preparing additional locations for smokers in Maliboro. Currently there are only four designated smoking locations.

After the trial period and socialization, there will be prosecution if there are still people who violate.

According to Heroe, the determination of Malioboro as a Non-Smoking Area is an important matter. Moreover, currently the corona virus pandemic (Covid-19) is not over.

He said cigarettes could be a source of transmission of the corona virus because cigarette sticks were in direct contact with someone’s mouth.

“So cigarette butts that are thrown away carelessly can be a source of the spread of Covid-19,” he said.

Head of the Yogyakarta City Health Office, Emma RahmI Aryani, detailed four points that are designated as smoking locations in the Malioboro area. There are Abu Bakar Ali Parking Park, Malioboro Mall, Ramayana, and Beringharjo Market.

Emma explained that the declaration of Malioboro as a No Smoking Area had actually been planned for a long time. Even the launching activity was held around the end of March before there was a positive case of corona in Yogyakarta.