Online Debt Transactions Reach Rp 10.35 Trillion, Residents of DKI Jakarta Favor Online Loans.

Online Debt Transactions Reach Rp 10.35 Trillion, Residents of DKI Jakarta Favor Online Loans (photo: towfiqu barbhuiya - Unsplash)

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) has reported that there are approximately 2.38 million recipients of online debt transactions in DKI Jakarta as of April 2023. These borrowers have collectively accumulated a loan amount of Rp 10.35 trillion, with a 90-day past due ratio (TWP 90) reaching 2.94%.

Comparatively, this figure reflects a slight decrease from the previous month of March 2023, where the recorded loan amount was Rp 10.79 trillion, with a TWP 90 of 2.79%. OJK quotes the number of accounts receiving loans in March to be 2.34 million.

OJK also highlights that online debt for individuals residing in Java Island remain higher in volume compared to those outside of Java. Specifically, the total loan amount disbursed in Java Island reaches Rp 39.2 trillion.

Among the regions in Java Island, the highest loan amount originates from West Java, totaling Rp 13.5 trillion from 4.6 million accounts. Following this, residents of DKI Jakarta have also obtained significant loan amounts.

Outside of Java Island, loans totaling Rp 11.2 trillion have been recorded, distributed across 4.4 million accounts. Notably, North Sumatra accounts for a loan amount of Rp 1.3 trillion, while South Sulawesi has the largest loan amount at Rp 1.006 trillion.

Looking at the nationwide scenario, the total loan amount disbursed in Indonesia during April 2023 amounted to Rp 50.5 trillion. Nevertheless, this figure represents a decline compared to the previous month, which recorded a loan amount of Rp 51 trillion.

Within the same period, the number of accounts receiving loans in Indonesia stood at 17.3 million, with Java Island dominating the statistics with 12.8 million accounts.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the delinquency rate in Java Island has experienced a slight increase, reaching 3.10% in April 2023, compared to 3.05% in the previous month.

Conversely, the TWP 90 for loans outside of Java has witnessed a decrease, amounting to 1.85% in April 2023. In March, the delinquency rate for these loans reached 1.94%.

Considering the entire Indonesian landscape, the TWP 90 for the country as a whole is recorded at 2.82%. This represents a marginal increase from March 2023, where the delinquency rate was 2.81%.

It is important to note that TWP 90 refers to the delinquency rate, indicating the failure to meet payment obligations as stipulated in the funding agreements. This measure is based on a period exceeding 90 days after the loan maturity date.