The number of cases of the Corona COVID-19 virus in Indonesia increased by 13,695, Thursday (28/1/2021). The total positive became 1,037,993, recovered 842,122, and died 29,331 cases. The number of suspects monitored today is 82,676 people.

Previously, on Wednesday (27/1/2021), there were a total of 1,024,298 positive cases of COVID-19. There were 831,330 patients recovered and 28,855 cases died.

The most additional new cases were in West Java with 4,532 cases. DKI Jakarta followed with the addition of 2,889 cases, Central Java 1,507, East Java 1,022, South Sulawesi 679, East Kalimantan 459, and DI Yogyakarta 359.

The most additional cases of death today are in West Java, with 200 patients dying. Followed by Central Java 81, East Java 57, DKI Jakarta 40, and North Sulawesi 28.

The largest increase in the number of recovered patients today is in Jakarta with 2,731 recovered patients. Followed by West Java 2,290, Central Java 1,347 and East Java 851.