The number of cases of the Corona COVID-19 virus in Indonesia increased by 11,984 on Wednesday (3/2/2021). The total positive became 1,111,671, recovered 905,665, and died 30,770 cases.
The number of suspects monitored today is 75,533 people. Meanwhile, the total active cases, aka patients who are still infected with COVID-19, are said to be 175,236 people.

From Worldometer, the total Covid-19 cases in the world as of Wednesday 3 February 2021 at 09.26 WIB reached 104,384,181 people. The top five for daily case additions are occupied by the US (+114,703), Brazil (+56,240), Spain (+29,064), France (+23,337), and the UK (+16,840).

Furthermore, the sixth to tenth ranks are occupied by Russia (+16,643) India (+11,000), Indonesia (+10,379), Colombia (+10,091), and Argentina (+9,695).