The government has updated data on positive cases of the Corona virus (COVID-19) in Indonesia. Today there are reports of more than 12 thousand positive cases of Corona.

This data was published by the Public Relations team of BNPB, Wednesday (20/1/2021). The data was collected until 12.00 WIB earlier.

Today 12,568 positive cases of Corona in Indonesia were found. Thus, the cumulative number of positive COVID-19 cases in Indonesia per day is 939,948 cases.

The number of patients who have recovered from Corona today is 9,755. Cumulatively, there are 763,703 cases of recovery in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the number of Corona patients who died today is 267 people. Cumulatively, there are currently 26,857 Corona patients in RI who have died.

The government today examined 58,805 Corona specimens. In addition, the government is still monitoring 79,418 cases of suspected Corona in the country.

The government also continues to remind people to comply with health protocols to prevent transmission of COVID-19. People are asked to be disciplined in wearing masks, washing their hands regularly with soap, and keeping their distance.