Several Mountains in Bali Will Be Made into Sacred Areas, Tourists Cannot Climb Carelessly!

Several Mountains in Bali Will Be Made into Sacred Areas. (Photo: Bill Fairs - Unsplash)

Several mountains in Bali will be used as sacred areas. The Provincial Government of Bali stated that tourists would not be allowed to climb the mountains carelessly.

Governor of Bali Wayan Koster at the Bali DRPD Building, Monday (30/1), said that the regulations to be implemented were at the request of the sulinggih (religious leaders).

They previously gathered and decided that some mountains in Bali would be made holy areas which were recommended to the Governor of Bali.

He mentioned that what is regulated in this spatial plan already accommodates some mountains in Bali which are used as holy places. On the other hand, mountains cannot be separated from Balinese local wisdom.

“Because in ancient times, our ancestors, chiefs, and holy teachers made the mountain a place to perform religious rituals, do yoga and meditate on the top of the mountain to build a shrine in the area,” he said.

Therefore, the Government will regulate aspects of this sacred area, from the base to the top of the mountain.

He also said that later sacred areas on some mountains in Bali would be arranged as best as possible so that the activities of tourists and climbers could be controlled.

Furthermore, Governor Koster also reiterated that activities on some mountains in Bali had gone too far because there were no regulations. He gave an example of Mount Batur, in Bangli Regency, Bali, where accidents often occur.

Finally, Governor Koster also said that mountains are a force in Bali that gives aura, taksu, and spirit to Bali which makes the Island of the Gods holy and beautiful.