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Bali Tourism Sector Recovers But Inflation Approaches 7 Percent

Bali's tourism sector is recovering after being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. This is evidenced by the number of domestic and foreign tourist arrivals...

Tourists in Bali Increase, But Hotel Occupancy Is Still Low

Previously, the government has officially relaxed several rules regarding the arrival of foreign tourists to Indonesia. This relaxation of regulations has an impact on...

Foreign Tourists Come to Indonesia, Hotel Visitors in Bali Increase

In connection with the implementation of the entering Indonesia trial without quarantine, hotels and inns in Bali will be well affected by this policy....

Bali re-open for International Tourism? Know This Before You Go

Bali tourism - Do you miss spending time on the beach, waiting for the sunset to come? Or do you want to feel the...

You Can Fly to Java-Bali without PCR Test Soon!

The Government loosens Covid-19 travel regulations for flights in Java-Bali. Previously, as of 24 October 2021, Java-Bali flights require Polymer Chain Reaction (PCR) test...

Bali Government’s Plans to Open International Tourism

A hope to revive the tourism sector in Bali continues to appear. Balinese people and tourism workers enthusiastically did vaccinations, to support efforts and...

Tourists ‘Invade’ Bali Due to Lower PCR-Antigen Test Prices

Some time ago, the government has lowered the policy on the highest price for PCR-Antigen tests. It turns out that the policy has an...

Tourism Workers in Bali Already Vaccinated

I Putu Astawa, Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, said that 100 percent of tourism workers there had been vaccinated against Covid-19. He...



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