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In 8 Years, Indonesia’s Data Center Energy Capacity to Reach 1.3...

In the digital era, data centers stand as crucial technological infrastructure, serving as the epicenter for data processing, storage, and management. Their significance has...

Indonesia’s Growing Digital Infrastructure: Opportunities in the Data Center Industry

The rapid growth of Indonesia's physical and digital infrastructure has presented new opportunities for both local and global business ventures. One such opportunity lies...

The First National Data Center Construction Has Started

Indonesia will soon have its first data center. The national data center construction located in the Deltamas industrial area, Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java, has...

Government Will Soon Build First National Data Center

The Indonesian government will soon build four National Data Centers (PDN) in some regions of Indonesia. The first national data center will be built...

Batam Becomes Indonesia’s Data Center

Batam can now be called the data center of Indonesia. This is because a total of three data centers will be built in Batam,...



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