The Effect of Global Warming, Snow In The Ski Resort Evaporates

The Effect of Global Warming, Snow In The Ski Resort Evaporates

The Effect of Global Warming is proven in Europe. Visitors who want to play ski were disappointed because some ski resorts are closed. The snow on the skiing track has dried up.

The Heat Wave During the weekend before the new year 2023 in Europe Created the Hottest Temperature Record in Winter. Meteorologists express their anxiety, While Several Ski Resorts had to be closed because of the absence of snow.

The temperature in January reached the highest point of all time in the European country, with a national record set in at least seven countries.

The Capital City of Poland, Warsaw, Recorded a Temperature of 18.9 Degrees Celsius on January 1, More Than 5 Degrees Celsius Above the Previous Record Set 30 years ago.

While in the city of Bilbao, North Spain Recorded 24.9 Degrees Celsius During the New Year, even though the temperature was. Usually Occurs in Early July. Whereas in Switzerland Experienced 20 Degrees Celsius on Sundays.

Warm Weather and Low Snowfall Forced Several Lowland Ski Resorts in the northern Alpen mountains and Pyrenees France closed only a few weeks after opening.

Among European Countries that recorded the hottest days in history were the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus, Latvia, and Lituania. Regional Records are also solved in France, Germany, and Ukraine.

Meteorologists and Climatologists Express Concerns Over Warm Winter Weather Outside the Season. The expert said, too many records in the current state, and many of the minimum temperatures are in the summer.

“Really Never Happen Before Before Modern Records,” said Duncan, Scottish Meteorologist Scott Duncan via Twitter, Monday (9/1/2023).

He also said that the intensity and level of warmth in all regions are difficult to understand.

Furthermore, Maximiliano Herrera, A Climatologist Who Tracks the Global Extreme Weather, Describes the Temperature Record as the Most Extreme Event Ever Seen In European Climatology.

The Copernicus Climate Change Service, An Inter-Government Agency that Supports European Climate Policies, Found That The Average European Temperature for August and the Three-Month-June-August Period was the highest record in 2022 by a Substantial Margin.

In April Last Year, the World’s Top Climate Scientists Warned the Struggle to Maintain Global Warming Below the Critical Threshold of 1.5 Degrees Celsius had reached the current territory or not at all.