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Earth Enters Global Boiling Era, UN Secretary General Calls for Urgent...

In a significant announcement, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, has declared a momentous shift in our planet's climate trajectory, as the...

Record-Breaking Global Temperature Highlights the Growing Threat of Global Warming

The issue of global warming has emerged as a critical concern that demands immediate attention from the international community. Recent developments have unveiled a...

The Effect of Global Warming, Snow In The Ski Resort Evaporates

The Effect of Global Warming is proven in Europe. Visitors who want to play ski were disappointed because some ski resorts are closed. The...

Indonesia’s Carbon Trading Value Could Reach US$565.9 Billion

Carbon trading is one of the solutions to global warming that has been agreed voluntarily by various countries in the Paris Agreement of 2015....

WMO: 2021 Is The Highest Climate Crisis in History

The World Meteorological Organization calls 2021 as a record-breaking year for the world climate crisis sign. The conclusions of the WMO are presented in...

Global Warming Could Generate New Viruses

The issue of global warming that has occurred in the last few decades continues to circulate. Recent findings, if the earth's temperature continues to...

Pole Ice Lost 28 Trillion Tons

The Earth as a whole has lost 28 trillion tons of ice at the poles between 1994 and 2017. However, the study notes, since...



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