These are Property Investment Tips to Stay Profitable

Property investment
Property investment

Property is still a promising investment opportunity. This is because property investment will continue to increase every year. 

For those of you who have an interest in investing in this sector, here are ways you can try to keep your property investment profitable.

Quoted from idxchannel, Andy Nugroho, Financial Planner at Advisors Alliance Group Indonesia, said that choosing a location can minimize losses in property investment.

“Choose a safe location away from things that might be considered by potential buyers to avoid them, such as natural disasters,” he said.

In certain cities, natural disasters such as floods often occur. That location conditions you must avoid so, you’re not to experience losses in investing property. In addition to being free from natural disasters, you must ensure that the location of the property is free from crime.

In addition to considering the location, you also have to be careful in determining which property to choose. Price is one of the basics for determining the right property so that you get maximum profit in the future.

Comparing property prices in one area, not only enriches your choice to invest but also makes you more selective in making choices.

“So if there is someone who sells it below the market price, then it becomes an attractive option for us to take if we want to sell it again in the future,” Andy continued.

For long-term investment options, you can do an alternative by renting out the property after buying it. When the market price of a property in the area has increased significantly, you can sell it. Indirectly, you can benefit from the rent and from the difference in the sale and purchase price.