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Jakarta’s Condominiums See Low Demand, 44,870 Units Remain Unsold

Jakarta's condominiums are grappling with significant challenges as supply continues to outstrip demand. In the first quarter of 2024, the supply of condominiums in...

Millennials Lead Indonesia’s Property Market, with 55% Transactions

The Indonesia's property market is currently showcasing remarkable resilience and dynamic shifts, with millennials emerging as key players in driving sales. In the first...

Apartment Supply in Jakarta Becomes Increasingly Dense, Reaching 10,232 Units!

In Jakarta, apartment supply is rapidly increasing, reaching a total of 10,232 units by the end of the first quarter of 2024. Forecasts suggest...

Property Demand Soars Among Expatriates, Jakarta and Bali are the Favorites!

The allure of owning property in Indonesia has drawn an increasing number of foreign nationals, contributing to a robust growth in the national property...

Government’s Property Incentives Face Hurdles as Buyers Adopt Cautious Approach

Despite the government's efforts to stimulate property sales through the issuance of VAT exemption incentives, the real estate market in Indonesia still faces challenges....

Indonesia’s Property Market Sets Optimistic Tone for 2024 Amid Political Landscape

The property market in Indonesia sets its sights on a more promising trajectory as the calendar turns to 2024, despite the backdrop of a...

The Jakarta Property Market Won’t Be Affected by the Capital Move

The imminent relocation of Indonesia's capital city status from DKI Jakarta to IKN Nusantara has stirred concerns across various sectors, particularly the property market....

Home Property Sales Optimistically Can Grow Up To 50 Percent

Increased consumer confidence about the controllable Covid-19 pandemic has caused home property sales to grow by up to 50 percent this year. This was...

Check These Indonesia Property Watch 2021 Awardees before Purchasing Your Future...

Indonesia Property Watch (IPW) together with 99 Group, which oversees 99.com and Rumah123.com, Held Golden Property Watch 2021 on Thursday (21/10/2021). Citing from Bisnis,...

These are Property Investment Tips to Stay Profitable

Property is still a promising investment opportunity. This is because property investment will continue to increase every year.  For those of you who have an...



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