Take Your Opportunity to Invest through Property during Pandemic

Invest through Property

The government continues to roll out incentives for the property sector in tax dorm discounts to leeway down credit payments. This encourages people to buy property.

Panangian Simanungkalit, a property observer at the Indonesian Center for Property Studies (PSPI), said that now is the right time to buy property.

Buying property for residential or investment can be done by taking advantage of the various facilities that exist. Moreover, the national economic recovery is also currently underway.

“The trend in property is indeed down. But it’s a good moment now for investment because many properties are below the market. Buying a house is also good because interest rates are the lowest now,” he said.

Prospective buyers should choose a trusted property developer when buying property during the pandemic.

“Look at the background, don’t buy from less bona fide developers. Don’t be fooled by irresponsible developers,” he said.

Tenjo Zaldy Wihardja, Assistant Vice President Marketing for Kota Podomoro, said consumer behavior in buying property, especially landed houses, has increased significantly.

Various facilities from the government and banks trigger consumers to see more profitable investment opportunities.

“Especially at this time, (property) price offered by developers is relatively cheap. Not to mention the existing incentives, price discounts from developers, it will be more profitable in the future because the investment value will be higher and there is a potential for land prices to increase,” he said.

Currently, property consumers are intelligently before buying property. Prospective property buyers must have considered access, location, distance, facilities, and price according to their needs and abilities.