The First Train in Sulawesi Officially Operates, It’s No Longer a Dream

The First Train in Sulawesi Officially Operates, It's No Longer a Dream (Photo: Doc: Public Relations of the South Sulawesi Railway Management Office/BPKASS)

The first train in Sulawesi is now officially operating. The operation of this 145-kilometer train line is like a dream come true. This is because, so far, the trains have only been in Java and Sumatra.

The first train in Sulawesi started operating, as uploaded on the official Instagram account of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) on Friday (27/1/2023).

Head of Operations and Services for the Trans Sulawesi Railway, Rizqi Prasetyo, explained that currently, there is only one operating train that has been tested. This type of train is a passenger train and was tested in a limited way on the Garongkong to Mangilu route.

Rizqi added that the railroad tracks on Sulawesi Island are different from those on Java Island. The difference lies in the size.

The rail in Sulawesi, which has been under construction since 2015, has a width of 1,435 millimeters and is wider than in Java. The wider rail aims to add greater capacity.

It is known, the train in will run on a track that stretches 145 kilometers from Maros Regency to the border of Barru Regency. This train will serve the route from Makassar to Parepare, South Sulawesi.

Nine stations will be passed by the train in Sulawesi, namely Palanro Station, Garongkong Station, Barru Station, Tanete Rilau Station, Mandalle Station, Ma’rung Station, Labakkang Station, Manguli Station, and Maros Station.

In the future, after the Makassar-Parepare Trans Sulawesi route, there are plans to add other routes such as Parepare-Mamuju (225 km), Makassar-Bulukumba-Watampone (259 km), Bitung-Gorontalo-Isimu (340 km), and Manado-Bitung ( 48km).

Overall, the Trans Sulawesi railway project is targeted to reach 2,000 kilometers covering Makassar to Manado.

Furthermore, the operation of the train in Sulawesi is a dream realized by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

“Ride a train in Sulawesi? Now it’s no longer just a dream,” said President Joko Widodo, quoted from his Instagram social media account, Friday (27/1/2023).

Jokowi said that the people’s hopes to ride this one of the favorite transportation on other islands have been realized now.