3 Facts About The ‘Jurassic Park’ Project on Rinca Island

komodo dragon

The arrangement of the Komodo National Park area on Rinca Island is in the public spotlight. This started after a photo of a project truck dealing with a komodo dragon spreading out in internet.

The development of supporting facilities and infrastructure for tourism on Rinca Island is part of the overall arrangement of the Labuan Bajo National Strategic Tourism Area (KSPN) in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province.

Here are the facts about the construction of the project dubbed ‘Jurassic Park’:

1. Claims to Maintain Habitat of Komodo Dragons

The Ministry of Publics Works and Housing is working with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry through the General Directorate of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Conservation (KSDAE) which was marked by the signing of the collaboration on July 15, 2020.

Coordination and intensive public consultations are continuously carried out, including with other stakeholders, starting from the planning, implementation and monitoring stages in the field to prevent negative impacts on animals’ habitats, especially the Komodo dragons’ habitat.

“Infrastructure development at each KSPN is planned in an integrated manner, including the arrangement of the area, roads, supply of raw water and clean water, waste management, sanitation, and improvement of residential areas through a master plan for infrastructure development that considers environmental, social and economic aspects,” said the Minister of Publics Works and Housing, Basuki Hadimuljono in his official statement, quoted Monday (26/10/2020).

2. Building Demolition Progress

Currently, the arrangement of Rinca Island is entering the stage of demolishing the existing building and removing debris, cleaning the pile cap, and making piles. For worker safety and protection of Komodo dragons, fencing has been carried out at the office of the board of directors, workers’ sheds, materials, repair locations, information centers, and ranger lodgings.

“We are always accompanied by a ranger from the Komodo National Park, so that the construction process of infrastructure and facilities does not damage or disturb the habitat of the Komodo dragons,” the Head of the NTT Provincial Settlement Infrastructure Center, Herman Tobo said.

3. Five Projects Done

The following are a number of structuring activities carried out in the Rinca Island Area:

1. Loh Buaya Pier, which is an improvement to the existing pier

2. Coastal safety building which also functions as a footpath for access to and from the area

3. Elevated Deck on the existing section, functions as an access road that connects the pier, information center and lodging for ranger, guide and researcher, is designed to be 2 meters high so it will not interfere with the activities of Komodo dragons and other passing animals and protect the safety of visitors

4. Information Center building integrated with elevated deck, resort office, guest house and cafeteria as well

5. Lodging buildings for rangers, tour guides, and researchers, equipped with research posts and monitoring of Komodo dragon habitat.